Diana DePriest

Meet Diana

Almost always loud, and at times a little irreverent, Diana DePriest is both passionate and opinionated. 

Married 20 years to her husband Neal she is a firm believer that friendship is the firm foundation on which marriages should be built.  "Romance ebbs and flows in the seasons of life, but when you truly like your mate, your marriage is being built to last."  Neal and Diana have been "best friends" since 1989 and became man and wife in
May of 1991.

After growing up as an only child, Diana has found being the mother of three to be a lot like a science experiment, lots of learning in the process.  Thankfully, no one has been blown up... yet.  Diana's number one rule for parenting is to always be the more strong-willed than her children.  Raising three strong personalities is best managed by being willing to be the bigger personality in the family whenever necessary, even if that means you find yourself sitting on one of your children in the middle of a busy Wal-Mart. Parenting is always  accomplished amidst laughter.  Humor is the rhythm at which the family "heart" beats.

Diana is passionate about the Word of God and discipleship.


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